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Some Things You Should Know About Kawaii Squishies and Their Condition

The first thing we would like to tell you is that Kawaii Squishies are not toys for kids under eight. The second is that even though they are toys which smell great, they are not for consumption. Many kids will be tempted to eat these and some kids might just fight using squishies.


You should also note that you could sometimes feel the smell of paint that is on the squishies. That smell should go away after a couple of days.

Some Kawaii Squishies may come with defects or other flaws, or get those flaws after you squish them. Also, some squishies may have visible bubbles, marks, or paint flaws. Those are not defects, but merely the way the product turned out. Namely, most are hand-made squishies, so some imperfections are always to be expected.


Some Kawaii Squishies come with sprinkles or different design details. These additions can fall off after a number of squeezes. That is not something we can control. They are also not indestructible – after a lot of use, some squishies will show signs of it. That includes cracks, rips, holes, etc. Lastly, not all squishies have the same scent, and some will have a stronger smell than others.