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Your Ultimate Guide To Find Your Perfect Bracelet

In order to find the perfect model of a woman’s bracelet, it is important to know first the style of the person who will wear it. It is also advisable to observe the type of wrist she has. Indeed, a thin wrist will favor simple bracelets while those who are more impressive are recommended for women with large wrists. A delicate style is also suitable for people who have a simple and sober style of dress.

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The Best Choice

The choice of the material is also decisive in terms of bracelet. Indeed, for an aesthetic aspect, it is better to opt for silver or gold. However, stainless steel also fits all styles of women. With a neutral color, bracelets made from this material are suitable for formal wear as well as an outfit to go to work.

How to know the right size of his bracelet?

With online sales platforms of bracelets for women, it is now possible to order models on the internet. Customers can then browse the catalog and find the part that corresponds to them. From there, it is important to determine the size of the bracelet adapted to that of his wrist. In this case, the simplest technique is to measure the part of the arm intended to wear the jewel. This is done by wrapping a tape measure on the wrist bone.

To find models adapted to the lifestyle of its owner, the bracelet must have a suitable clasp. Indeed, this part of the jewel can secure it and prevent the person wearing it from losing it in a sudden gesture. A woman’s bracelet must actually adapt to her activities and her habits.

The criteria for choosing a colored bracelet

These colorful ornaments can be matched to the outfit or accessories. They can be worn on a daily basis and adapt to all seasons and styles. Nevertheless, to have a trendy look, you have to recognize the color that suits its morphology and tastes. Thus, for colored clothes, a bracelet in neutral or natural tones is recommended. Contrary to this, a jewel with perennial colors can be worn with clothes in nude or sober colors.

It must be noted that in order to choose the right bracelet model, each woman must take into account the clothes she wears. She must also select her jewelry according to the occasion. So, an elegant bracelet made with metals and precious stones is perfect for parties and cocktails. To go to work or to shop for cons, it takes a charm quite thin and simple. At each event, it is essential to question the type of bracelet to put to not make a fashion faux pas.

Some fashion criteria to choose a silver bracelet for women

Above all, the taste and style of the person in question must be taken into account. A mesh bracelet, thin or wider, is easily worn on any occasion, while a rigid bracelet has more feminine tendencies. A curb bracelet is more suitable for a teenager or a young sports woman. It is also necessary to take into account the thickness of the wrist of the person to avoid that the bracelet is neither too small, nor too big.

Opt for a quality silver model

A solid silver bracelet will have a better life, better resistance to shocks, scratches and wear of time, than a silver plated bracelet. But you will not find a sterling silver bracelet in the literal sense of the word.

Indeed, silver is a naturally soft and fragile metal. A good alloy gives more strength to silver jewelry. The most massive alloy is called 925 silver or sterling silver. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or nickel. Check the presence of the hallmark attesting to the authenticity of the 925 silver jewels. It represents a necklace head encrusted on one side of the jewel. Choosing a silver bracelet for women, even in solid silver, is not a heavy investment. You will easily make good deals.

Where to find a silver bracelet for women?

You can go to a jeweler’s shop, in a cheap jeweler shop or at a jeweler’s shop. Thus, the famous American jeweler offers very beautiful women’s bracelets in fine, flat, wide or thick, including silver beads, at very affordable prices.

Private sales websites are also great ways to find a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. Be aware that you must register beforehand and be particularly patient. While many luxury jewelers offer their waste on these sites, they do not proceed regularly or in large quantities. It will then be very fast.

The websites or classified ads swarm good deals, but be careful about the quality of what is proposed to you, the photographs are not sufficient. You must be able to return the bracelet if it does not give you complete satisfaction.

The perfect white gold bracelet

Always consider her personality and the way she dresses. Some women love elegance while others opt for a classic style. For discreet women, the fine white gold bracelet is the most suitable model.

We can also choose original bracelets that are flashy. It’s no better than a white gold bracelet with a metallic luster on a woman’s wrist. This one will come to emphasize the grain of the skin.

We can also opt for bracelets with precious stones, and as to do, why not the diamond? It is a stone that blends perfectly with white gold. However, it should be noted that all precious stones will always value this type of metal. The bangle can also be associated with other bracelets. Having multiple bracelets wrist can give satisfactory results, provided you do not overdo it. To add a bit of originality to the outfit, nothing beats the bracelets of the creators.

Which white gold bracelet for which style of life?

You want to please a woman who is dear to you? Know him choose a white gold bracelet adapted to his personality. Take into account your lifestyle, whether it is sporty, active, flirtatious, original or otherwise. Whether it’s for special occasions or occasional outings, there’s nothing like the chic bracelet that will make all the difference in a dress. On the other hand, if it is to put every day, the best is always to seek advice from the jeweler, since the choice will depend, among other things, habits the usual gestures and places, among others of the one who will wear it.

We can offer a white gold bracelet as a birthday present, Christmas or for any other occasion. But be careful, the choice should not be made quickly always take into account the taste, but also the personality of the person. If you know it badly, do not panic, you can opt for a discreet bracelet in white gold. It’s always a safe bet.

The History of Valentines Day Gift Traditions

One of the biggest days of the year is Valentine’s Day, naturally because it is the lover’s holiday. This day is celebrated on February 14th and it is traditional for lovers to exchange gifts.

There are three big gifts on Valentine’s Day; flowers, cards and chocolate. However, where did these gift traditions come from? Here is a quick and easy guide to their history.

Valentine’s Day flowers began as a tradition in the 17th century, since roses, which represent love in all its forms, were the flowers of choice for the Day. The rose is supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love, because it stood for strong feelings. As a result, lovers began giving flowers to those they cared about to show their love for each other, which often knew no bounds.

Throughout school, we all gave cards to our classmates, but where did this tradition of Valentine’s Day cards begin? Well, back in 1415, Charles the Duke of Orleans wrote a poem for his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London on Valentine’s Day. By the 16th century, cards had become so common on Valentine’s Day that several religious leaders preached against them. By the early 19th century, it was the most popular way to show your love on the special day.

However, it was not until the 1800s that the ability to send cards through mail by the average person greatly increased the exposure of Valentine Day’s cards.

Nowadays, 600 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged by children with teachers, classmates and family members.

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? Well we can thank the Spanish explorers who brought chocolate back to the Old World from the New World in the 17th century. Soon enough the popularity increased in Europe and chocolate, possibly for its aphrodisiac effects, became the candy of choice for the lover’s holiday.

These days, many husbands will bring their wives a bouquet of roses, a card and a box of chocolates to cover all the bases and show their love in the best way possible on Valentine’s Day – well okay, the second best way.

Now that you know the history of the gifts of Valentine’s Day, you can understand the reasons behind the roses, cards and chocolate and help those around you appreciate the holiday more.

However, don’t stop there. Try and create your own traditions for Valentine’s Day. You never know, in 300 years everyone could be doing it.

4 Tips for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you want to have the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, you should start shopping now. It’s not too late to find the right gift and these four tips will help you jumpstart your search to narrow down the perfect gift for that special someone.

Buy online

Even if you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, online jewelry stores are very inexpensive and have huge variety of gifts for your loved one. It’s a great way to find the perfect gift and doesn’t take a large effort. You can use a search engine with keywords about your Valentine and come up with sites that will cater exactly to what your loved one wishes. You’ll be able to find the perfect gift and save your wallet at the same time. Buying online is safe and secure too. You can use a variety of payment methods that will help you afford the gift, also. Don’t forget that buying online comes with great policies about refunds as well. You don’t want to find out that you bought the wrong gift and then can’t return it. The only way that might happen is if you had the gift specially engraved. Returns are usually not allowed on those sorts of items.

Keep it meaningful

Meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive. They can be handmade or even specially made. The thought behind the gift is what is important. Did you really nail how you felt about your loved one? Finding creative ways to express your love can be the most important gift you could ever give. Don’t just be stuck with buying a name brand item that brings no meaning to the one you love. They may want that brand new TV, but are more inspired by going camping with them than having the electronic device. When you’re looking for the perfect gift, don’t just think about what, think about how and why. Most importantly, think about why. This will be a powerful statement to your loved one that you have truly given them your heart.

Think experience, not price

Don’t put a price tag on a gift. That’s an old adage that some have taken to mean, you should spend a truckload of money on something for your loved one. Spare no expense. That’s not necessarily what that can mean, however. It could just as easily mean you don’t spend a lot on their gift, but instead create an experience that they will never forget while you’re giving them that small gift. If you really want to make your Valentine’s Day gift memorable and perfect, don’t just buy a gift. Make an experience out of the whole thing. Many people go out to a romantic dinner and movie for their date. You could just as easily pick up a boxed pre-cooked dinner, drive out the nearest reservoir and feed each other on a blanket under the stars watch your favorite movie on your smart device or tablet. Then give her that small gift you bought to end a perfect night. The cost of the dinner and gas is negligible compared to the memory you just made.

The details matter

Thinking about the details is very important. If you’re planning an experience, you’ll want to do research on what it would take to make that happen. Don’t forget that your loved one may work, and you’ll need to schedule around their job. Also, think about how much time it would take to drive somewhere. It may be that there is someplace closer that will work just as well and you’ll be able to spend more time together. The details of an experience could be that you put a rose on her pillow before you left and when she came home from a wonderful night out with you, she saw the rose sitting on her pillow and cried. These little details matter when you’re making the perfect gift.

Each detail is important and does matter, but also remember that in the end, it’s not the details but the overall experience that makes the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

12 Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

All of these gift ideas will for sure win over your girlfriend’s heart this year! To all the last-minute gift givers of Valentine’s Day:

Don’t panic. While I know how stressful it can be to get the perfect gift for your significant other, there are so many gift ideas that people always forget as an option. The best part about Valentine’s day is not the gifts you get, but rather the romantic time you get to spend with your loved one. So don’t worry about how expensive the gift is, just worry about how much thought you put into it. If you are still stuck on a gift to buy for your girlfriend, here are 12 ideas to get the ball rolling for you:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is every woman’s best friend. It also can be your wallet’s best friend for this Valentine’s Day season. A box of chocolate can warm your girlfriend’s heart for a low price.

2. Flowers

Flowers. Another common, but romantic gift for your girlfriend. Get creative with it. Throw rose pedals all over the bed, or hand her a giant bouquet all at once. Either way I am sure she will love it.

3. Giant Teddy Bear

This is a gift that I always found so adorable. While it can be obnoxious to purchase and carry around, the look on your girlfriend’s face when she sees it will make it all worth it. She can cuddle the bear when you’re not around. 😉

4. Wine

Again, another luxury that is a woman’s best friend. You cannot go wrong with buying your girlfriend a bottle, or bottles, of wine. The only question you have to ask yourself when buying it is, red or white?

5. A Couple’s Massage

Um, hello. Who wouldn’t love this gift? Not only is it a gift for her, but it is one for you as well. This gift can also be surprisingly cheap. Many places offer amazing deals during the Valentine’s Day season!

6. Dinner

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just taking your girlfriend to a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. Dinner can be expensive enough as it is, the important thing to remember is to make memories that will last a lifetime during the meal.

7. A Movie

Again, nothing wrong with just going to a movie for the night. Sometimes a movie can set the level of romance you need for Valentine’s Day.

8. A Necklace

I know what you’re thinking, too expensive! Don’t throw away the necklace idea just yet. There are so many stores that sell such elegant necklaces, and they are decently priced as well. Check out stores like Alex and Ani, or Pandora for great deals, or just order from Amazon!

9. A Ring

While this gift may only apply to a select few, imagine how memorable this day would be for your girlfriend. Do not think it is too cliche to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Who cares how many other people do it, think about the joy it will bring her.

10. Clothes

Plan and buy your girlfriend’s outfit for the night! It saves her time figuring out what to wear, and you just bought her clothes that she will absolutely adore!

11. A One Night Stay at a Hotel

I don’t think I have to say anything about this gift. You all know how romantic this is.

12. Personalized Picture Frame

A gift that is beyond thoughtful. Taking all of your pictures of memories from before and putting them together for your girlfriend is a gift that will for sure have her in tears.

22 Gifts Your Boyfriend Didn’t Even Know He Wanted

Why are boyfriends so hard to shop for? If you have no idea what to get him for Valentine’s Day, check out this list of ideas to get you going.

1 A Virtual World

He can enter the world of virtual reality with a durable yet soft headset.

2 An All-Inclusive Travel Pack

Neck pillow? Check. Slippers? Check. Eye mask and ear plugs? Check. This gray traveler’s kit has everything he’ll need for a more comfortable journey.

3 A Cool Charger

Keep him connected with a versatile charger set featuring a slim high-speed USB with two universal ports to charge multiple devices at a time.

4 A Versatile Belt

Style made simple: Double his outfit options with a 100% leather belt featuring a gunmetal buckle and adjustable fit.

5 An Informative Clock

Replace his irritating iPhone alarm with something much cooler, like an aluminum clock with sound-activated display. It features the time, date and temperature, and automatically turns off when it’s quiet.

6 A Handy Accessory

No more worrying about his passport, credit cards, and IDs! The most effective way to keep his personal data safe is in this RFID-protected pack, which features anti-theft technology.

7 A Sandalwood-Scented Cologne

A fragrance that smells like sandalwood, leather, and iris will quickly become his new fave to spritz before he leaves the house; plus, it’s a unisex scent that you can totally spray on yourself when he’s not looking.

8 A Vibrant Zip-Up Jacket

A bold checkered red-and-black jacket is perfect for winter—the wool fabric makes it warm, but the print makes it fashionable.

9 A Book of Beer

Consider Mark Dredge’s “The Beer Bucket List,” which has a thorough list of hops-focused information, including a list of the best drinking spots across the globe.

10 A Sweat-Wicking Button-Down

If all his collared shirts are riddled with yellow stains, he’ll appreciate a shirt that wicks sweat and regulates his temperature depending on the weather. It even has stretch for a super comfy fit.

11 A Cool Pair of Sunglasses

He’ll love wearing these all-black sunnies with a stylish metal brow bar to complete his ensembles. The best part? The glasses are unisex, so you can wear them too.

12 A Fancy Leather Watch

If his wrist is in need of some new bling, get him a brown leather watch with gold accents and a stylish face.

13 A Sleek Two-Tone Card Case

Give his wallet an upgrade with a slim black and red leather one. It’ll fit into his pocket much more easily than his old bulky case.

14 An Adult Sled

Sledding is not just for kids! Channel a bit of nostalgia and hit the slopes on this stainless steel, high-speed contraption.

15 A Cozy Slipper

Treat his feet to a pair of luxe slippers with a plush wool lining.

16 A Cozy Beanie

A warm hat is perfect for this time of year; plus, a simple navy hue is guaranteed to match almost all his outfits.

17 A Pair of Heavy-Duty Gloves

‘Tis almost the season of snow and icicles. Help him protect those hands against all weather conditions with a pair of quilted-leather gloves.

18 Comfortable But Stylish Headphones

His music-listening days will be forever changed with a pair of over-the-ear headphones—they’re great to wear while traveling and when working at his desk for crystal-clear sound quality.

19 An Extravagant Candle

Set the mood with a fancy candle. With notes of cardamom finished with a woody base, this one can even relieve nerves and anxiety. Extra points for the hand-blown glass vessel.

20 A Bold-Flavored Whiskey

This sherry cask whiskey has an intense flavor with notes of cherry and honey and is perfect if he likes a strong drink every now and then.

21 A Sleek Whiskey Set

And to go with that bottle, cheers him with a pair of ombre whiskey glasses. This mouth-blown glass set also includes a stylish decanter.

22 A Comfy Set of Slip-Ons

This soft shoe and sophisticated silhouette makes every experience cozy and cool.

Some Things You Should Know About Kawaii Squishies and Their Condition

The first thing we would like to tell you is that Kawaii Squishies are not toys for kids under eight. The second is that even though they are toys which smell great, they are not for consumption.


You should also note that you could sometimes feel the smell of paint that is on the squishies. That smell should go away after a couple of days.

Some Kawaii Squishies may come with defects or other flaws, or get those flaws after you squish them. Also, some squishies may have visible bubbles, marks, or paint flaws. Those are not defects, but merely the way the product turned out. Namely, most are hand-made squishies, so some imperfections are always to be expected.


Some Kawaii Squishies come with sprinkles or different design details. These additions can fall off after a number of squeezes. That is not something we can control. They are also not indestructible – after a lot of use, some squishies will show signs of it. That includes cracks, rips, holes, etc. Lastly, not all squishies have the same scent, and some will have a stronger smell than others.